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Installation, Download and More


Thank you for you interest in the Syrax Client, the first free factions bot, this project is currently in beta, donations and support is welcome!

This documentation is to help you with the download, installation and maintenance of the Syrax Client, before you start with this installation, I'd personally recommend you to learn about what webhooks are, and how they can be made, from the short and concise tutorial, by Discord themselves, here, you could also go to the Webhooks section I have written, here: Webhooks for Dummies


You will need the following sofwares to customize this template.

  1. If you are on Mac, or Linux, you must install the mono-runtime in order for the client to start up, you may download it from here: Mono.
  2. A text editing software.
  3. A Discord server, on which you have the Manage Channels and Manage Webhooks permissions.
  4. A Minecraft account to run the bot on.

Be careful when editing the config files, a simple space in the wrong place might cause errors to pop up

Download & Configuration #to top

First off, download the file from here, the file is in the form of a compressed archive .zip , unzip the file and enter the "SyraxClient" folder


You will be met with an assortment of a files, including the MinecraftClient.exe and MinecraftClient.ini, but, the most important file here is the config.ini, open it up, and you will be presented with the following configuration. Configure it to your liking.

Note: Use the config in the .zip! Not this one, though the values are the same, the .zip config does not contain the lines prefixed with `#`, using this configuration will result in the non-functioning of the client!

#self explanatory

#the logo that will be used in the footer of most messages

#webhook link for Faction Bank notifications

#webhook for Server Chat logos

#players with the permission to withdraw from the bank

#what gets enabld

#frequency between wall check reminders (in seconds)

#players who can check the walls

#wall checks webhook URL

Now, save the config file, and it's time to actually start up the client. If you're on Windows, simply double click the exe like normal, if you're on macOS or Linux, you probably have the mono-runtime installed already, (it was in the requirements section above), open Terminal, and type "mono " (with the space), then drag and drop the MinecraftClient.exe file into terminal, your terminal should now look like this "mono /path/to/MinecraftClient.exe", press enter, now follow the instructions, and you're set!

Webhooks for Dummies! :D #back to top

A video, by me! on the webhook process!

Considering you haven't read the guide I so generously attached, here's a quick video on how to actually make one, by the way, you'll have to make a webhook for each module of the client you want working, i.e: server chat, wall checks and fbank

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