Introducing the Syrax Client

The first free factions bot


The Syrax Client, built by Emperio, and based upon Orelio's Console Client, is the client that you've been looking for all along. Built on .NET and C#, with cross platform compatibility in mind, not only is this in regular development, but it contains powerful features and modules for your usage. It's also able to be run on any platform. All while maintaining the cost of actually obtaining the client at $0! Seriously, whats there not to like?


your an actual god


Proffesional Mineman

(5 out of 5)

Key Features

  • Built With .NET & C#
  • Multiple Features
  • 5 powerful modules
  • Faction Bank
  • Server Chat in Discord
  • Wall Checks
  • Buffer Checks
  • Factions Top

Excited to start a new chapter in your Factions Experience?

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