About Me

I'm an ardent programmer who loves challenges, and is always open to learning new concepts and techniques. I first starting learning C#, with Unity, when I was 8. I've come a long way since then, I'm not just fluent in C#, but in Javascript and Java. I work in Node.js, the JDA, the Spigot API. I like building Discord Bots, Spigot plugins and custom servers. I also enjoy front-end web development to a certain extent, but I'm far from fluent. One of my strongest ideological beliefs is the freedom of information and software. I can elaborate on this further through the quote "Withholding information is the essence of tyranny", by Bruce Coville. Due to this very belief, any of my resources will never be paid.

Get In Touch.

You can either contact me through Discord, by directly shooting me a DM at Emperio#9399, or joining my Discord Server above in the navigation bar. Optionally, you can also send me a message via the form below

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